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Diogenes Farri: Blue Birds

The  Artist

From the Australian Potteries Pemboka website, Diogenes Farri is a 3rd generation potter born in Valpariso, Chile. He trained at the Fine Art School, Vina del Mar, then taught industrial design at the University of Chile before leaving the political uncertainties of his country for Australia in 1971. From 1973-1996, he taught at the National Art School in Sydney. For six months in 1999, he took up an artist in residency position in Chichibu, Japan. He is currently implementing a design workshop at the University of Valparaiso. He works in both small and large scale forms, as well as making murals and two-dimensional panels. For some works he uses the Pre-Columbian technique of applying painted designs on colour slip or engobe and burnishing the surface using a fine polishing stone in several iterations to lend it a sheen and seal the clay. His works are signed with an impressed 'dfa'. He has entries in the 1977 and 1996 directories and articles in a range of journals.

Blue birds by Diogenes Farri

The Work of Art

Blue birds is a burnished ceramic image mounted onto a large painted block of wood. The overall effect represents fragments of images, ideas and memories from the artist's homeland in South America. The work was created in 1988 and uses a mixture of media and acrylic paints.