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Dianne Fogwell: Coral Baby and other works

The Artist

According to the artist's own webpage, Dianne Fogwell has been an exhibiting artist since 1979. She is in the midst of a successful career as a master printmaker, having already produced over 200 editions for prominent Australian artists including Jason Benjamin, Margaret Olley and Robin Wallace-Crabbe. Through her long association with the ANU School of Art and her other endeavours, Fogwell is one of the most respected printmakers and artists book practitioners in the country. Fogwell first attended the Canberra School of Art as a student in 1980, and progressed to studio assistant 1981–82, lecturer in printmaking and foundation studies 1981–84, lecturer and acting head of the Graphic Investigation Workshop 1985–1989, and 1992, and lastly the lecturer in charge of the Edition + Artists Book Studio, ANU School of Art, 1993–2004. She was the co-founder of the successful Studio One print workshop with Meg Buchanan, and Founder/Director of the Criterion Press and Fine Art Gallery. An invited artist to international biennials for print and the artist book in Poland, Belgium, Belgrade, France, London and most recently Korea. Her work is represented in national and international collections. Her involvement in print collaboration with visual artists, musicians and writers spans two decades and curator/co-curator for major exhibitions in the field of print and book.

Conflict of the Soul by Dianne Fogwell Coral baby by Dianne Fogwell

The Work of Art

The University of Canberra  has three works by Dianne Fogwell in its Art Collection.  The first, Coral Baby is a hand-coloured etching  created in 1988. It depicts a figure composed through shapes wearing an elaborate crown in white on a blue background. This in itself is captured within  the leaves and petals of a flower.

The second work, titled Conflict of the Soul, was created using woodblock printing and is a limited edition of three. It was created in 1989. The picture depicts  something akin to an orthodox Christian icon. The figure is an interesting almost mythical assemblage with  female breasts, dark brooding face, a red halo and golden wings of an angel. With such a range of parts, it is clear the figure is in conflict- both diabolical and heavenly.  It is an image much like mankind contains both and is therefore one that the viewer can contemplate  and question.

The third  work is an etching created in 1990 titled, First Steps. The image shows what seems to be a mother-child relationship. The smaller figure is reaching out toward the larger figure.  Although the larger figure is stretching away, part of the  figure is still reaching out towards the smaller.  The gap between the two is quite significant. It  is reminiscent of the gap between Man and God in Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Dianne Fogwell, First Steps