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Danus Loxton, The White Vase

White Vase by Danus Loxton

White Vase by Danus Loxton

The Artist & Work of Art.

Very little is known about this artist, with almost nothing on Trove or the University's own records. This in itself seems unusual which may relate to Danus being a local artist. However, research is ongoing into this artist.

What is known is that the described work of art, 'White Vase' was acquired by the University of Canberra, then College of Advanced Education in August 1974 from the Macquarie Galleries, Canberra. the work of art was acquired four other works of art  including two David Rose works and the 'Boats and Shells' work of art by Fred Jessup. The work of art, which is about 67 by 59 centimetres is very stylistic of the early to mid 1970s. Loxton's still life arrangement can be compared to similar still life arrangements in the collection such as those by Frances Jones or Jean Conron. Loxton's work show's a hint of a base and very little background. Even the white vase seems to be pushed into the background by the flower arrangement. Danus' use of black borders on the arrangement also bring a three-dimensional effect to the composition.

Jean Conron