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Dale Frank Hashishiyyun Ralpmet Sthgink

The Artist

According to the Gow Langsford  Gallery,  Frank is a painter known for his evocative abstract works challenging the concept of painting. He is one of Australia’s most successful artists. His works, the results of a practice of more than 35 years, is aligned with some of the most exciting and innovative contemporary painters of today. His works are held in major collections worldwide including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Kunsthaus, Zurich and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.

Using materials that range from conventional paints to combinations of liquid detergent and molten aluminium, Dale Frank’s paintings are as much about the painting process as they are the finished work. Liquid substances are often poured onto Frank’s canvases which are tilted during the drying process. The resulting visceral uneven surfaces draw attention to the physical making of the painting.

Some works take many months to fully dry, thus can be considered to be in flux as the composition and appearance of the painting evolves over a period of months. His paintings often have a sexual and biological quality which is frequently reiterated by the artist’s choice of title. While many of these paintings appear wholly abstract, they frequently offer the illusion of an image. The physicality of the materials acts as a catalyst to trigger visual associations, encouraging the eye to scan back and forth between abstraction and depiction.

Ralpmet by Dale Frank

The Work of Art

Hashishiyyun & Ralpmet Sthgink  are a series of screenprints  often showing  a series of red or blue circles on a background of the opposite colour. Although the  University of Canberra has three screen-prints by this artist, there are twelve  in the series.  They were created and published in 1992

Hashishiyyun Ralpmet 5 by Dale Frank

Hashishiyyun Ralpmet 2 by Dale Frank