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Colin Moyston: Victoria Line

Colin Moyston, Victoria Line

The Artist

Little is known about Colin Moyston but what can be gathered is that the artist studied at the Northside Arts Centre and Workshop, Willoughby and won a scholarship for ceramics. He later travelled and studied in Europe and the Hornsey College of Art in London. Colin returned to Australia and took up teaching and now paints full-time. According to the artist's statement Colin was very much influenced by the works of Kankinsky and Vasarely.

Victoria Line by Colin Moyston

The Work of Art

Victoria Line is a large work of art that is both hard-edged and colourful. The work clearly shows the influences of both Kandinsky and Vasarely in being abstract and expressionist. Since both artists heavily influenced the Bauhaus movement, the work of art reflects the same designs.  Like the name of the work implies, this work reflects the impression of the London Underground. It is a mixture of designs, the cab, tube-map and even the fabrics in the carriages.The work of art was acquired by the University of Canberra Art Collection in August 1974 from the Solandar Galleries in Canberra.


Accession index file, Curator, University of Canberra Art Collection.