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Cheng Hsin Yang Pair of Ducks among Hibiscus Flowers

Artist and Work of Art

Cheng Hsin Yang's Pair of Ducks among hibiscus flowers

Although little is known about the artist, Cheng Hsin Yang, this silk scroll is believed to have been among a group of artworks gifted to the  University (or the Canberra College of Advanced Education as it was then) in the late 1970s.

The work of art is made of a paper scroll with  an image depicting  tree blossom and a pair of ducks. The artist used traditional techniques of Chinese brush painting with inks and watercolour. the picture is backed onto a section of silk brocade.  Although this example is framed, such pictures were intended to be viewed on special occasions. such as festivals and holidays. During the remainder of the year, the picture would be carefully rolled and stored with ribbons often attached to the ends of the brocaded backing.

There are eight such silk scroll paintings in the University's  Art Collection. These vary from handmade  and painted pictures such as this example to  highly detailed embroidered images  of Shanghai  harbour and an example  showing a group of pandas at play.