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Ceremonial Chair, Staff & Mace

The Ceremonial  Staff,  Mace and Chair

Ragnar Hansen

Norwegian born Ragnar Hansen (creator of the Processional  Staff and Mace) completed his silversmith apprenticeship with the Norway Silvery Design, Fredrikstad, in 1965. he has established the Gold and Silversmithing Workshop and teaching program at both the Tasmanian College of Advanced Education and the Canberra School of Art. Ragnar has lectured in Canberra since 1981. He has received major commissions from the Australian National Gallery and the Hamilton Art Gallery, Victoria and was the convenor of the First International Silversmithing Symposium at the Canberra School of Art.

The Processional Staff

The Processional Staff is carried by the Chair of the Academic Board. It was presented to the University by  the Association of Academic Staff. It was made of  Casuarina tree wood and embellished with  silver and crafted at the Canberra Institute of Arts to harmonise with the Mace. The jarrah stand on which the staff rests was created and donated in 2112 by former University of Canberra staff member, Peter Hill.


The Mace is carried by the Secretary to the Council. The Mace was presented by the ACT Government in 1991 as a symbol of institutional authority. Traditionally, the Mace is carried as a ceremonial weapon designed to protect the Chancellor, the University, its people and its processes. It was crafted at the Canberra Institute of the Arts.

The Chancellor's Chair

The Chancellor's chair was a gift from the Australian National University marking the inauguration of the University of Canberra in 1990. This ceremonial item was crafted at the Canberra Institute o the Arts. the Chair's back proudly bears the University's emblem, the C-Star.

Traditionally, only the Chancellor or their representative may be seated on this chair. This ceremonial item marks the solemnity of our graduation ceremonies and represents  our  emergence as a global educational institution, it provides a link between our past success as a CCAE, the recognition of our  achievement from our  peers and our continued success as the University of Canberra.