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Bruno Leti: Queen of Hearts

The Artist

Bruno Leti was born in Italy and emigrated to Australia with his family as a child in 1952. Taking art history studies at the University of Melbourne as well as a course at the Melbourne Teachers’ College, Bruno was primed for a career which would weave education, art practice and workshops for printmakers.

Queen of Hearts by Bruno Leti

The Work of Art

Queen of Hearts is the sole representative of Bruno Leti's work of art in the University of Canberra's Art Collection. The work is a screenprint published in 1987 and is a limited edition of which this is  print 6 of 40.  The work shows an abstract pattern of  coloured fragment on a dark background.  From similar works known in other collections,  Leti used a number of stencils to create  these abstract patterns. Chinese Dragons, for example used 12 stencils to create this effect.