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Beverly Batt, Waterway

Beverley Batt, Waterway

Bev Batt teaching in ANU

The Artist

Very little is known about Beverly Batt except that she  taught at the Australian National University  in the 1960s as a painter and ws commercially active as an artist in  1970s and 1980s.


The Work of Art

Beverley  is particularly known for her  abstract works.  Waterway was created in 1978 and depicts a fusion of greens and browns much like a commercial waterway. Through the waterway are a myriad of symbols and markings.  Make of  it what you will,  but the symbols and markings can represent many languages of commerce and trade, activities of many sorts during the lifetime of a river or canal. The solid bar may represent the man made  element that is concurrent in the lifespan of the waterway.

In Beverley Batt's Spindrift 3, painted in 1974, different images are conjured up. These may be of a rocky landscape, folding  rock formations and the violent eruption of a volcano. The work could also be seen a  depiction of contrasts - land and sea, silence and activity.  The delight of Beverley's  works is that the works can be read in so many ways.

Spendrift 3