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Bela Ivanyi: Second Creek, Fraser Island

The Artist

According to the artist's webpage ( ) Bela Ivanyi was born in  Gyor, Hungary in 1936. He immigrated to Australia  a short while before 1968, where it is known he studied at the National School of Art  in East Sydney. Bela has been active on the art scene since 1969 when he won the prestigious Wynne Prize for art. From that year on and up until 1972, he taught art and print-making at the Workshop Art Centre, Willougby. In 1973, Bela moved to Cairns, Queensland.  From 1975,  he established and ran the Cooee Bay Winter Art School.  Bela has been continued to paint and teach  and has exhibited his art in thirty-three solo exhibitions.

Second Creek, Fraser Island by Bela Ivanyi

The Work of Art

Bela Ivanyi 's art predominantly focuses on Australian landscapes.  Using  synthetic polymer paints onto canvas, Bela painted 2nd Creek, Fraser Island in 1983. It is a luscious image with deep greens, gin-blue skies and a wide expanse of beach. It is an image one wants to step into and yet it  also reminds  the viewer of  a style similar to Brett Whitely (who was  very prominent at the time this work was painted).

Second Creek itself is a beautiful bay  very much as Bela has painted it. The rainforest  runs right up to a wide beach which borders onto the clear blue waters of the Pacific.