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Barney Kumanara: Aeroplane

Eric Mungi Kumanara Barney Aeroplane

The Artist

According to the Short Street Gallery, Kumanara Barney was born in the APY lands of the Pitjantjatjara language group  in 1973. In his own words, " I like fixing cars, I taught myself - hot to drive them and fix them.  I'm a bush mechanic! Even if the Art Centre Toyota gets broken, I can fix him up, I know how to make all of them work again.'  Barney goes further to explain, ' I've been to Brisbane to see the art gallery two times now, flying there from Alice Springs. In my paintings I like to  put in the camels and sometimes Kalaya  (emus) too, and sometimes I make them all flyiing, then they all get to see country from the sky.

Barney's art has  been displayed in 24  exhibitions  in just a five year period and Barney has also taken up an artists' residence in  Mildura.

Aeroplane by Kumanara Barney

The  Work of Art

Aeroplane is a print produced from carving a wood-block and taking multiple from from it. It is a method favoured by the Iwantja artists who also produce 'punu' or wooden artefacts. In this work the Barney has  adapted traditional cultural values, images and stories into colourful carved imagery such as this plane. The prints are the result of a workshop with Basil Hall in January 2012.  The small work also  shows Kumanara' s interest in all things mechanical.