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Anthea Moffat, South Coast Landscape

Anthea Moffat, South Coast Landscape

The Artist

According to Connect-Web, Anthea was born in New South Wales in 1932 and is sister to renowned Australian printmaker, Pamela Challis. Her formal artist journey began in 1948 when Anthea began studying painting at the East Sydney Technical College under eminent artists Douglas Dundas, Frank Hinder and Godfrey Miller. On completion of her painting Diploma she spent her early years teaching art and between 1955 to 1956 lived in England and travelled extensively in Europe. From 1957 to 1958, Anthea relocated to Jamaica and worked as a commercial artist and travelled across the United States and Mexico. In 1959, Anthea settled back in Australia to paint.

In 1986, Anthea graduated in the Canberra School of Arts with an Associate Diploma in Printmaking; although this did not deter her passion for painting which eventually won out with many exhibitions of her works to follow.

Anthea's works are represented worldwide with work in private collections in the US, UK, Finland, Sweden , Germany and Jamaica. Her works are also represented in the collections of the Australian National University and the University of Wollongong.

South Coast Landscape

The Work of Art

You don't have to travel too far in Australia or in fact that far from Canberra to view similar tree-scapes such as the South Coast Landscpe by Anthea Moffat. What the artist has been able to achieve here is that sense of light effect provided by the large assemblage of Australian gumtrees. This is the light blue-like mist. Much like the works of Robert Colligan, Anthea has been able to realistically capture the moment in paint. The work itself was painted in 1976 and is composed of oil on canvas.

Although this is the only work of art by Anthea Moffat, similar tree-scape landscapes are held in the University Collection. These include David Shlunke's Air and the works by Percy Trezise.