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Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono Mural paintings

Agni Klintuni (Intu) Boedhihartono Mural paintings landscapes and biodiversity

Agni Klintuni  Boedhihartono  mural 1

Created by over 100 participants led by Intu Boedhiartono at the James Cook University,  the murals signify 'landscape and seascape scenarios' and 'human and nature relations'. Primarily acrylic on plywood boards, the murals are 5 metres long and about 2.7 metres high and is the culmination of a project held at the World Parks Congress  at Sydney Olympic Park in 2014.

The 2014 conference focused on conservation of the environment, biodiversity, the importance of National Parks, World Heritage Sites, Climate Change, Improving Health and Well-being, supporting human life, reconciling development challenges, enhancing diversity and quality of governance, preserving traditional knowledge and culture and inspiring a new generation.

Each participant was asked to sketch their contribution to the mural keeping in mind their themes and vision associated with the mural. Intu then coordinated everyone's efforts on the murals giving each participant a suitable spot and size for their contributions.

Although Intu and her James Cook University students facilitated the process, more than 100 people from 35 countries participated in producing the mural. The murals were acquired by the Faculty of Ecology in 2016.

Intu 4