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Art Collection Updates

Updates and new additions

August 2021

Some exciting news! We are rolling out QR coded labels across the entire Art Collection. Over the past 3 years, Alex Stalker-Booth, the Collections Coordinator has been researching each  work of art and has gathered information on over half the collection  to date. Research into each artwork  continues.  The  new labels will be rolled out in a geographical manner ie Building 1, Building 2-3 etc..

QR coded label

March 2020

It is an exciting time in UC Collections with new acquisitions, lots of art movements and new displays being planned.
At the beginning of February, a collection of 9 paintings  and a sculpture  were donated to the University from the artists, Gillie and Marc. These works represent a major contribution by world renowned artists in the contemporary art field. Gillie and Marc have represented Australia in the Venice Bienalle and have submitted works on many occasions for the Archibald Prize. Their iconic characters 'Rabbit Woman and Dog man' often head depictions that heighten themes Gillie and Marc are passionate about- love, equality and conservation. Take a look in the Ann Harding Centre Foyer to catch our latest acquisitions.

This August, a new set of displays were unveiled in the Mura Gadi Gallery that mark the 30th anniversary of the University of Canberra teaching nursing at the Bruce Campus. I Care  showcases a range of historic and modern nurses equipment, paraphanalia and study guides that stretch back to the 1920s. There are even objects belonging to Winston Churchill's nurse on display. I Care also marks the international year of the Nurse. A special thanks must be made to the student team lead by Teegan Seear for their hard work in making the displays a reality.

We are also exited to announce the University's own online exhibition space! Developed by a group of Faculty of Art Students,lead by Lee Lim,  the space utilizes 'Art Steps' to show-case aspects of the University's Art Collection. The gallery has the capability to be viewed using virtual reality goggles or, simply using a keyboard and mouse, to stroll through the gallery.  Enjoy:

Gallery 1:

Gallery 2:

May 2023

Exciting news! An additional online gallery has been developed by one of our Cultural Heritage interns. Madeline Bulliard chose to take a closer look at our Chinese works of art and decorative objects and show-cases them on a new  online gallery.  Please take a look at this fantastic  display: