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Author-Illustrator Index U-Z

These Author and Illustrator pages list by surname authors and illustrators for whom we have research files in the the National Centre for Australian Children's Literature. Special links may be added as listed below:

  • Guide: A Guide to Research Materials page is available
  • Finding Aid: A Finding Aid is available
  • Artwork: links to artwork framework pages in the Artists' Artwork collection
  • Book Week: links to artwork framework pages in the Artists' CBCA Book Week Artwork collection
  • Books: links to catalogue records for books and serials by this person in the UC Library Catalogue

Please note: these lists do not constitute a definitive list of all Australian authors and illustrators for children.


Utemorrah, Daisy books


Vane, Mitch books

Vaughan, Marcia books

Vivas, Julie book week | books


Wagner, Jenny books

Wakefield, S.A. books

Wakefield, Vikki books

Walker, Anna books

Walker, Kate books

Walker, Kath books

Wall, Dorothy books

Walsh, Amanda artwork | books

Walters, Celeste books

Wang, Gabrielle books

Watts, Frances books

Westerfield, Scott books

Weston, Harry books

Whatley, Bruce books

Wheatley, Nadia books | guide

White, Annie books

White, Mary books

White, Trudy books

Whitfeld, Jessie books

Whiting, Sue books

Wignell, Edel books

Wilcox, Cathy books

Wild, Margaret books | finding aid

Wilkinson, Carole books

Wilkinson, Lili books

Willmott, Frank books

Wilson, Mark books

Winch, John books

Winton, Tim books

Wolfer, Dianne books

Wood, Ben books

Wood, Fiona books

Woodberry, Joan books

Woolman, Steven artwork | book week | books

Worthy, Judith books

Wrightson, Patricia books


Yaxley, Richard books

Young, Noela books


Zorn, Claire books

Zurbo, Matt books

Zuzak, Marcus books | guide