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Author-Illustrator Research Files Q-T

These Author and Illustrator pages list by surname authors and illustrators for whom we have research files in the the National Centre for Australian Children's Literature. Special links may be added as listed below:

  • Guide: A Guide to Research Materials page is available
  • Finding Aid: A Finding Aid is available
  • Artwork: links to artwork framework pages in the Artists' Artwork collection
  • Book Week: links to artwork framework pages in the Artists' CBCA Book Week Artwork collection
  • Books: links to catalogue records for books and serials by this person in the UC Library Catalogue

Please note: these lists do not constitute a definitive list of all Australian authors and illustrators for children.


Quay, Emma books


Rawlins, Donna books

Ray, Nan see Hunt, Nan

Redlich, Ben books

Reeder, Stephanie Owen books

Rees, Lu books

Reilly, Pauline books | finding aid

Richards, Claire books

Riddle, Tohby books

Rippin, Sally books

Rish, David books

Roberts, Beth books

Robertson, Ellen books

Rodda, Emily (Rowe, Jennifer) books

Rogers, Gregory book week | books

Rolls, Eric books

Rossell, Judith books

Roughsey, Dick books

Rowe, Jeanette books

Roy, James books

Rubinstein, Gillian books

Rudduck, Loma books

Rudge, Leila books

Rushby, Pamela books

Ryan, Lawrie books

Rycroft, Nina artwork books


Salmon Michael books

Sass, Alek

Savvides, Irini books

Saxby, Claire books

Saxby, Maurice books

Scholes, Katherine books

Scott, Bill books

Shanahan, Lisa books

Sharp, Donna books

Shelley, Noreen books

Simons, Moya books

Small, Mary books

Smith, Craig books

Smyth, Gwenda books

Snell, Danny books

Sommerville, Hannah books

Sorensen, Meg (Reviewer)

Souter, D.H. books

Southall, Ivan books

Spence, Eleanor books

Spence, Percy books

Spudvilas, Anne book week | books

Stackpool, Walter artworkbooks

Stafford, Marianne books

Stanley, Elizabeth artworkbooks

Starke, Ruth books

Steele, Mary books

Stodart, Eleanor books

Svendsen, Mark books

Syred, Celia books


Tan, Shaun artwork l book week | books | guide

Tanner, Jane books

Taylor, Katie books

Tennant, Kylie books

Thiele, Colin books | guide

Thompson, Colin books

Thompson, Valerie books

Toft, Kim Michelle books

Tonkin, Rachel books

Travers, P L (Pamela Lyndon) books

Treloar, Bruce books

Trezise, Percy books

Tucker, Alan books

Tulloch, Coral books

Tulloch, Richard books

Turner, Ethel books

Turner, Francia Forbes books

Turner, Gwenda books

Turner, Lilian books