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Author-Illustrator Index D-F

These Author and Illustrator pages list by surname authors and illustrators for whom we have research files in the the National Centre for Australian Children's Literature. Special links may be added as listed below:

  • Guide: A Guide to Research Materials page is available
  • Finding Aid: A Finding Aid is available
  • Artwork: links to artwork framework pages in the Artists' Artwork collection
  • Book Week: links to artwork framework pages in the Artists' CBCA Book Week Artwork collection
  • Books: links to catalogue records for books and serials by this person in the UC Library Catalogue

Please note: these lists do not constitute a definitive list of all Australian authors and illustrators for children.


Daddo, Andrew books

Dann, Max books

Darlison, Aleesah books

D'Ath, Justin books

Davis, Sarah books

Deeves, Pauline books

Denton, Terry books

Digby, Desmond books

Disher, Garry books | finding aid 

Do, Anh books

Dobson, Rosemary books

Donkin, Nance books

Downing, Brownie books

Dubosarsky, Ursula books | guide

Dugan, Michael books

Dumbleton, Mike books

Dunk, Sarah artwork | books

Dunkle, Margaret books

Dunstan, Kylie bookweek | books

Durack, Mary and Durack, Elizabeth books


Earls, Nick books

Early, Margaret books

Eaton, Anthony books | guide

Edwards, Hazel  books | guide

Edwards, Ian books

Edwards, Tony books


Farrell, Anne books

Fatchen, Max books

Fenton, Corinne books

Ferns, Ann books

Ferris. Fleur books

Ferrier, Susanne artwork | books

Fienberg, Anna books | finding aid

Finkel, George books

Flanagan, John books

Flowers, Tony books

Flynn, Pat books

Flynn, Rachel books

Foley, James books

Forrestal, Elaine books

Forsyth, Kate books

Fowler, Thurley books

Fox, Mem books | guide | finding aid

Frances, Helen books

Freeman, Pamela books

French, Jackie books | finding aid (2009) | finding aid 2013

French, Simon books

Fussell, Sandy books

Fusillo, Archimede books