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Author-Illustrator Index A-C

These Author and Illustrator pages list by surname authors and illustrators for whom we have research files in the the National Centre for Australian Children's Literature. Special links may be added as listed below:

  • Guide: A Guide to Research Materials page is available
  • Finding Aid: A Finding Aid is available
  • Artwork: links to artwork framework pages in the Artists' Artwork collection
  • Book Week: links to artwork framework pages in the Artists' CBCA Book Week Artwork collection
  • Books: links to catalogue records for books and serials by this person in the UC Library Catalogue

Please note: these lists do not constitute a definitive list of all Australian authors and illustrators for children.


Aaron, Moses books

Abdel-Fattah, Randa books

Abela, Deborah books

Adams, Jeanie books

Abdulla, Ian W. books

Ainslie, Tamsin books

Alderman, Belle books

Aldridge, James books

Alexander, Goldie books

Allen, Emma books

Allen, Pamela books

Apel, Kathryn books

Arena, Felice books

Argent, Kerry books

Argent, Leanne books

Armitage, David books

Armitage, Ronda books

Asphyxia books

Atkinson, Kathie books

Axelsen, Stephen books


Baillie, Allan books

Baker, Jeannie book week | books

Balderson, Margaret books

Ball, Duncan books

Balla, Trace books

Bancks, Tristan books

Bancroft, Bronwyn books

Barbalet, Margaret books

Barber, Shirley books

Barnett, Gillian books

Base, Graeme artwork | books | guide

Bates, Dianne books

Bateson, Catherine books

Bateson, David books

Bauer, Michael books

Bell, Anne books

Bell, Krista books

Benjamin, Thomas (Theatre for Children)

Bentley, Jonathon books

Blabey, Aaron books

Blacklock, Dyan books

Blackwood, Freya books

Bland, Nick books

Bodsworth, Nan books

Bolton, Barbara books

Booth, Christina artwork | books

Bone, Ian books

Branford, Anna books

Brennan, John books

Brian, Janeen books

Brinsmead, Hesba books

Brooks, Ron book week | books

Broome, Errol books

Bruce, Mary Grant books

Brugman, Alyssa books | guide

Burke, J C books


Carmichael, Claire books

Carmody, Isobelle books | guide

Carnavas, Peter books

Carr, Roger Vaughan books

Carroll, Jane books l finding aid

Carter-Hansen, Jill books

Carthew, Mark books

Caswell, Brian artwork I books | finding aid

Chadwick, Doris books

Chapman, Gaye books

Chapman, Jean books

Chauncy, Nan books

Cheng, Christopher books

Chetwynd, Luciana books

Christopher, Lucy books

Clark, Margaret books

Clark, Mavis Thorpe books

Clark, Sherryl books

Clarke, Judith books

Clement, Rod books

Cole, E.W. books

Coleridge, Ann books

Collard, M. R. See O'Dea, Marjory

Collins, Paul books | guide

Condon, Bill books

Constable, Kate books

Cool, Rebecca books

Cormick, Craig books

Cosgrove, Matt books

Costain, Meredith books

Cornish, D M books

Cox, David books

Cox, Tania books

Crabtree, Judith artwork | books | books (as Judith Mauldon)

Crew, Gary books | guide | finding aid

Croggon, Alison books

Crowley, Cath books

Cummings, Phil books

Cunningham, Walter books

Curtis, Neil books | book week