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Artists' Artwork Collection A-L

The Centre has a large collection of original artwork. This includes original artwork from published works and developmental material which reveals the creative process, such as sketches, dummies, storyboards, proofs, alternate designs, manuscripts, correspondence, and other items.

Frameworks have been completed for the following artists:

Baker, Jeannie

Booth, Christina

Boothroyd, Arthur

Caswell, Brian

David, Mark

Dunk, Sarah

Ferrier, Susanne

Gamble, Kim

Gouldthorpe, Peter

  • Various titles including Don't Get Burnt! written by Jack Bedson; First Light written by Gary Crew; Grandad's Gift written by Paul Jennings; Hist! written by C J Dennis; Jonah and the Manly Ferry written by Peter Gouldthorpe; Sheep Dogs written by Jack Bedson; The Lost Diamonds of Killiecrankie written by Gary Crew; The Wonder Thing written by Libby Hathorn; Walking to School written by Ethel Turner.
  • The White Mouse

Hannay, Lorraine

Harris, Wayne

Hobbs, Leigh

  • Fiona the Pig
  • Various titles including Hurray for Horrible Harriet; Old Tom; Old Tom at the Beach; Old Tom Goes to Mars; Old Tom's Guide to Being Good.

Hole Quentin

  • How to Demolish a Monster

Honey, Elizabeth

Hunt, Julie

Huxley, Dee

James, Ann

Lacis, Astrid

  • My Dog appears in The School Magazine Touchdown 82:6, July 1997 pp184-191

Larouche, Sandra