Research Excellence Awards 2019

Each year, the University recognises and rewards outstanding achievements in areas of research, supervision of Higher Degree by Research students, engagement and impact. This is a celebration of all individuals and teams who are playing important roles in contributing to the excellence of the University’s research activities and outputs.

The 2019 Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation (DVCR&I) awards will include the following categories:

A selection committee appointed by the DVCR&I has made award recommendations and the winners have been announced at the Research and Teaching awards ceremony on Monday 18 November 2019.

Winners and Commendations of the 2019 Research Excellence Awards

Research Excellence (four broad categories)

Category Award TypeRecipient
Science and TechnologyWinnerFiona Dyer, Faculty of Science and Technology
HealthWinnerRachel Davey, Faculty of Health
Social SciencesWinnerLain Dare, Faculty of Business, Government and Law
Humanities and Creative ArtsWinnerKate Holland, Faculty of Arts and Design

Early Career Research Excellence (winners in four broad disciplines) 

CategoryAward TypeRecipient
Science and TechnologyWinnerSaeed Banihashemi, Faculty of Science and Technology
Science and Technology Commendation Peter Unmack, Faculty of Science and Technology
HealthWinnerKris Hardy, Faculty of Science and Technology
Social SciencesWinnerTracy Logan, Faculty of Education
Humanities and Creative ArtsWinnerAllison Wain, Faculty of Arts and Design

Award for Distinction in Engagement and Impact

Award TypeRecipient
WinnerELSA Team, Faculty of Education
Tom Lowrie; Kym Simoncini; Tracy Logan; Amanda Levido; Ross Hope; Garrett Lommatsch; Matt Bacon
Commendation Sam Kosari, Faculty of Health
Commendation Cathy Hope, Faculty of Arts and Design

Award for Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students

Award TypeRecipient
WinnerRoland Goecke, Faculty of Science and Technology
Commendation Sora Park, Faculty of Arts and Design

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research or Innovation

Award TypeRecipient
WinnerEcoDNA Team, Faculty of Science and Technology
Dianne Gleeson; Elise Furlan; Alejandro Truijillo-Gonzalez; Richard Duncan; Sumaiya Quasim; Rheyda Hinlo; Joans Bylemans; Jack Rojahn; Sam Goodwin

Congratulations to all nominees of the 2019 Research and Teaching Excellence Awards

Abu Saleh, Alejandro Trujillo Gonzalez, Alica Tschierschke, Alison Wain, Amanda Levido, Ben Broadhurst, Ben Kefford, Benedict Sheehy, Bradley Moggridge, Caroline Fisher, Cathy Hope, David Carter, Dennis Foley, Dianne Gleeson, Dimity Crisp, Duanne White, Elise Furlan, Enzo Guarino, Fiona Dyer, Garrett Lommatsch, Glen Fuller, Hai Anh La, Jack Rojahn, Jacki Schirmer, Jackson Thomas, Jee Young Lee, Jennie Scarvell, Jennifer Hall, Jeremy Witchalls, Jill Bartlett, Jinjing Li, Jocelyn Mara, John Williams, Jonas Bylemans, Kasia Bail, Kate Holland, Kris Hardy, Kym Simoncini, Lain Dare, Margie Appel, Marjorie Atchan, Mark Evans, Mark Lintermans, Matt Bacon, Max Halupka, Milica Muminovic, Peter Fock, Peter Unmack, Phillip Newman, Pia Rowe, Rachel Davey, Rheyda Hinlo, Rhian Clear, Richard Duncan, Robert Tanton, Rod Ubrihien, Roland Goecke, Ross Hope, Ross Thompson, Saeed Banihashemi, Sam Godwin, Sam Kosari, Selen A Ercan, Simon Foster, Sora Park, Sumaiya Quasim, Susan Nichols, Tariq Ezaz, Thomas Lowrie, Tracey Dickson, Tracy Logan, Ugyen Lhendup, Virginia Haussegger, Wayne Spratford, Will Higgisson, Yasmin Cross, Yogi Vidyattama, and Yoonmo Sang.