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7 Random Facts about Speech Pathology


More than 1.1 million Australians have a communication or swallowing difficulty that impacts their quality of life

Not many Australians are aware of the issues surrounding communication disorders that affect people of all walks of life, from young children to adults.

The average salary of a Speech Pathologist is $61,181

This is according to PayScale. However, salaries can typically range anywhere from $48,646 - $81,398

Stuttering is one of the most common speech and language disorders

Stuttering is so common that most people can recognise it. Stuttering should be addressed by speech pathologists to determine the severity and need for treatment to ensure that the person will overcome the communication difficulty.

2018 was the first year UC offered Speech Pathology

The newly developed program will provide you with the skills necessary to deliver quality speech pathology services and equip you to respond to the changing demands of the Australian healthcare system.

Most current Speech Pathologists are female

According to The Good Universities Guide, 92.5% of speech pathologists are female.

UC offers Speech Pathology students three clinical placements 

Since the University of Canberra values practical experience to make each student ready for their chosen industry, a Master of Speech Pathology has three Professional Practice units integrated into the course.

Students will have the option to undertake clinical placements both locally and in regional centres. The recently developed and state of the art UC Health Precinct and the UC Public Hospital is also available for practice.

There is a shortage of Speech Pathologists in Canberra

In 2016, the ABC reported a shortage of speech therapists in Canberra that forced some parents to travel to Sydney to access regular services for their children.

This particularly affects children diagnosed with a speech delay as they require early intervention and weekly or fortnightly lessons to develop their communication skills.

The University of Canberra’s Speech Pathology degree will hopefully fill this gap for future families.