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Unit Reading Lists - Short Loan Collection

To place a request for online readings through E-Reserve, please see E-Reserve for Teaching Staff

The Short Loan Collection includes physical items (books, DVDs etc) which are required and recommended readings, or are in high demand.  These items can be borrowed for either 3 hours, 3 days or 7 days.

To place Reading List items in the Short Loan Collection please fill in the Unit Reading List Form. This form will guide you through the process of nominating material for either 3 hour, 3 day or 7 day loan. 

  • Your cooperation in ensuring this information reaches the Library as least 4 weeks before semester begins will help ensure the resources are available for your students. 
  • A new Unit Reading List form needs to be submitted each semester as material is removed from the Short Loan Collection annually.

In accordance with the principles outlined in the Library's Collection Statement, e-books will be purchased if available unless you advise otherwise. Please refer to the Guide to E-Books at UC Library for more details on e-books and e-textbooks. 

Multiple copies

The number of copies of required texts purchased for the Short Loan Collection will be determined by the number of students enrolled –

Number of StudentsNumber of Copies
up to 301
200 plus6

Reading Bricks

  • If you would like a Reading Brick to be placed in the Short Loan Collection, please supply a copy via the Library Services Desk. .

Private Copies

  • If the Library does not hold a copy of an item your students need and we are unable to buy it, you can provide your private copy via the Library Services Desk and we will make it available in the Short Loan Collection. 

Reading Bricks or Private Copy material provided by you will be returned at the end of each semester, or earlier if the Library has been able to purchase a copy for the collection.

For enquiries relating to Unit Reading Lists, please contact the Library