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Repository Information

About the Research Repository

The Research Repository is the University of Canberra's open access institutional digital repository for preserving and disseminating scholarly material

The Repository features material from all HERDC categories including:

  • Books
  • Book chapters
  • Journal articles &
  • Conference papers
  • Non-Reportable HERDC items such as patents and public presentations

Getting your work into the Research Repository

 1. Is your work eligible for deposit?

At least one author must be, or have been at the time the work was created, a UC staff member or adjunct.

Items accepted for deposit into the Research Repository:

  • Research work in all HERDC categories e.g. journal articles, conference papers, refereed designs, patents, creative works etc.
  • UC theses

  2. How to deposit your work into the Research Repository

  • The UC Research Repository no longer requires you to directly deposit your research items. We will obtain the details of your research items from the Research Services Office and conduct bulk loads of this data into the Repository
  • Research Repository staff verify and enhance each record and will contact you to obtain the full text of your work if copyright and publisher restrictions allow it to be displayed
  • Alternately, you can send the full text of your work to the Research Repository at any time. Most often publishers allow the final draft, as submitted to the publisher, to be displayed in institutional repositories. If the work has been refereed or peer-reviewed send us the final draft you submit to the publisher after the peer-review process

3. Repository staff will:

  • Verify copyright and publisher restrictions associated with your work if required
  • Verify the citation details of your work
  • Convert any MS Word files to secured PDF format
  • Contact UC authors, request the full text of the work and permission to display it publicly in the Repository 
  • Manage any restrictions or embargoes associated with displaying your work
  • If able, make your work "live" in the Repository and discoverable on the Internet via Google, Google Scholar, Trove etc.
  • Contact you if there are any queries associated with making your work available in full text in the Research Repository


Main points:

  • The Research Repository complies with copyright laws and publisher's contract restrictions
  • Displaying an item in the Research Repository does not alter the copyright status of the author or publisher over the work
  • Many journal publishers now routinely allow researchers to archive a version of their work in their institutional repository
  • If you cannot locate your publisher's policy, send us your final draft or peer-reviewed draft (if applicable) as submitted to the publisher. The Library will confirm the copyright status of the work before it goes live, and contact the publisher if required

Publisher's archiving policies

Journal and publisher's archiving policies can be checked at these sites:

If you cannot locate the journal or publisher's policies for your work still send your paper to the Repository. The Library will confirm the copyright status and restrictions applied to your work before we consider making it live and will contact the publisher on your behalf for permission if necessary.

If you are about to submit your work for publication you can add a clause to the publication contract allowing you to deposit the "peer-reviewed" or "accepted" version of your work in your institutional repository, if it is not already part of the contract.

For more information on open access in the academic environment see the Oak Law Project: Guide for Authors.

For information on how to modify a standard publisher's agreement to allow you to retain certain non-exclusive rights over your work see the SPARC Author Addendum site.

Deposit agreement

The University of Canberra Research Repository operates as per the terms of our Deposit Licence:

For the author(s):

  • By agreeing to this licence you assert that you have the right to deposit the item
  • It informs you on how the Research Repository can treat you work and
  • It reinforces that depositing the work in the Research Repository does not alter your rights over the work

The Deposit Licence is based on these points:

  • You hold copyright over the work (or if shared with other authors you have permission to deposit the work) or
  • You will abide by the publisher's archiving policy if copyright has been relinquished (Repository staff will check publisher's policies and set the appropriate level of access)
  • If you have used third-party material covered by copyright within your work, you have obtained permission to mount the material in an online environment as required by the relevant copyright laws

 By agreeing to display your work in full you grant the University of Canberra non-exclusive rights to:

  • Hold electronic versions of your work in the Research Repository
  • Reproduce and distribute your submission worldwide via the Internet at no cost to end-users
  • Migrate the submission, without alteration, to any medium or format, and keep more than one copy of your work for purposes of security, back-up and preservation
  • Allow end-users to access and download your work for personal, non-commercial purposes

Reproduction of material from the UC Research Repository:

  • Documents in the UC Research Repository are protected by copyright and it is the copyright holders who control reproduction rights
  • Readers may print and save electronic copies of papers for individual, non-commercial purposes
  • Attribution of authorship is required and any quotations or excerpts should be fully referenced
  • The text may not be published commercially without permission from the copyright holder
  • Requests to use the material from the Repository in any other way should be directed to the author(s) or publisher, they will not be processed by the Research Repository

Concerns about content:

Do you think copyright has been infringed?

If you believe a work on this site constitutes copyright infringement or a breach of an agreed licence or contract please notify the Research Repository.

Further Information or Support

For any queries relating to the Research Repository please contact the Research Repository Librarian:

 Terri Landford