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Pathways to Politics

The University of Canberra Pathways to Politics Program for Women is a proudly non-partisan initiative that aims to change the face of politics by equipping women with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and networks they need to run for elected office and thrive as political leaders.

An initiative of the Trawalla Foundation, Women’s Leadership Institute Australia, and the University of Melbourne, the program is a part of a national Pathways to Politics partnership that seeks to address the underrepresentation of women in Australian politics. The program comprises six host universities including the University of Canberra. It is offered free to selected participants.

The UC Foundation has established a bursary fund to assist participants with additional costs they may incur whilst completing this program. This may include the cost of accommodation, groceries and travel or providing financial relief such as funding childcare.

By contributing to this fund, you are helping diverse and motivated women from a range of political, professional, and cultural backgrounds, make a difference in the political landscape whilst balancing their studies and the demands of everyday life.

Donate to the Pathways to Politics Bursary Fund

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