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Built Environment Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

Established in 2017, the Built Environment Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship aims to support and celebrate students during the course of their degree in the School of the Built Environment and Design at the University of Canberra.

Open to students in their penultimate year of study undertaking a degree program related to the property and construction industry including related design functions.

The beauty and multiplicity of this unique scholarship offers recipients industry connections and mentoring in addition to the financial support.

The Built Environment Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship instils inspiration, encourages recipients to excel and leverages opportunities for career growth.

The connections that recipients can nurture within the sector are now crucial for building a successful career in our rapidly changing world.

Your support will fund an endowment ensuring that the scholarship will be awarded in perpetuity, helping students who may otherwise struggle to complete their studies at university.

When the Scholarship was established in 2017, the intent was to ensure equal opportunity for students studying within the discipline of the built environment. One of the main drivers was to bring about positive generational change and increase diversity in the design, property, and construction sectors. The Scholarship offers recipients the opportunity to establish a firm foundation for their career through financial support and industry engagement. The vision is to build this unique partnership and attract a broad base of private sector investment, establishing a funding model which can be adopted across other schools and faculties.

Medy Hassan | Managing Director, Haus Holdings

As a regional student, scholarships such as the Built Environment Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship play a big part in the financial assistance of students who have relocated to study as well as the access to networking opportunities through the donors.

Michelle Anderson | 2017 Built Environment Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship recipient

Thank you

The University and recipients are grateful to the supporters of this scholarship.

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