UC Foundation Scholarships

UC Foundation Scholarships

foundation scholarships

UC Foundation Scholarships are for students from rural or remote areas, Indigenous and refugee backgrounds and students with a disability. They are some of the most under-represented groups in our community, and we want to ensure they have a decent shot at this!

Students from these groups often do not have access to other financial resources, can have pressing family commitments and can find the pressure of studying full time extremely difficult in light of their other responsibilities.

Access to a Foundation Scholarship makes staying at university achievable.

In 2020, the need for support is greater than ever. Last year, 108 eligible students who applied, didn’t receive a Foundation Scholarship.

The number of applicants is likely to be higher this year.

Our community has been deeply affected by the bushfires, storms and COVID-19, which is continuing to shape the way we study, work and live.

Please make a donation today, or to set-up your own named scholarship designated towards a particular group of students or faculty, contact us to discuss.

Your support is changing lives, one degree at a time.

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