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Indigenous Scholarships

Please note: the following scholarships are available only to Indigenous students. These are in addition to all other scholarships on offer to all undergraduate students which you may also apply for.

  1. Aurora Indigenous Scholarships Here you will find over 300 scholarships for undergraduate study at Australian universities as well as more than 100 postgraduate scholarships for study in Australia and overseas.
  2. Charles Perkins Scholarships
  3. Equity Scholarships Apply online through UAC. 
  4. Commonwealth Scholarships
  5. Madalah Limited
  6. Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme
  7. St Vincent de Paul Scholarships
  8. UC Foundation Scholarship for Indigenous Students
  9. UC CIRI Scholarship Program - assistance for Indigenous Masters and PhD students

Please contact the Ngunnawal centre or the Scholarships and Prizes Office for more information.