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Census dates

A census date is the last day you can withdraw from a unit/subject without a getting a WD (withdrew) grade and incurring a HECS-HELP or tuition fee liability. It is also the last day to:

  • add units for that teaching period with lecturer approval (a late fee may apply)
  • submit a HECS-HELP form for that teaching period
  • submit a FEE-HELP assistance form for that teaching period
  • submit a SA-HELP form for that teaching period
  • pay your HECS-HELP/Tuition fees for that teaching period (a late fee may apply).

UC Standard

Teaching PeriodStart DateCensus DateEnd Date
Semester 110-Feb-2006-Mar-2015-May-20
Winter Term02-Jun-2019-Jun-2017-Jul-20
Semester 203-Aug-2028-Aug-2030-Oct-20
Summer Semester 19/2001-Dec-1910-Jan-2031-Jan-20

UC Non Standard

Teaching PeriodStart DateCensus DateEnd Date
Global Pathways Program Semester 110-Feb-2006-Mar-2008-May-20
Global Pathways Program Semester 215-Aug-2028-Aug-2011-Nov-20
Hong Kong Baptist University Trimester 109-Mar-2003-Apr-2003-Jul-20
Hong Kong Baptist University Trimester 213-Jul-2007-Aug-2006-Nov-20
Hong Kong Baptist University Trimester 309-Nov-2004-Dec-2011-Mar-21
Masters Business Administration Trimester 110-Feb-2006-Mar-2029-May-20
Masters Business Administration Trimester 208-Jun-2003-Jul-2025-Sep-20
Masters Business Administration Trimester 305-Oct-2030-Oct-2029-Jan-21
Nursing 127-Jan-2007-Feb-2010-Apr-20
Nursing 213-Apr-2008-May-2010-Jul-20
Period 103-Feb-2013-Feb-2027-Mar-20
Period 206-Apr-2017-Apr-2022-May-20
Period 301-Jun-2012-Jun-2024-Jul-20
Period 403-Aug-2014-Aug-2018-Sep-20
Period 528-Sep-2009-Oct-2020-Nov-20
Period 630-Nov-2011-Dec-2022-Jan-21
Physio Non Standard Period 120-Jan-2013-Feb-2010-Apr-20
Physio Non Standard Period 211-May-2026-Jun-2020-Nov-20
Practice 106-Jan-2023-Jan-2028-Feb-20
Practice 203-Feb-2021-Feb-2027-Mar-20
Practice 302-Mar-2020-Mar-2001-May-20
Practice 430-Mar-2017-Apr-2029-May-20
Practice 504-May-2022-May-2026-Jun-20
Practice 601-Jun-2019-Jun-2031-Jul-20
Practice 729-Jun-2017-Jul-2028-Aug-20
Practice 803-Aug-2021-Aug-2002-Oct-20
Practice 931-Aug-2018-Sep-2030-Oct-20
Practice 1005-Oct-2023-Oct-2027-Nov-20
Practice 1102-Nov-2020-Nov-2001-Jan-21
Practice 1230-Nov-2018-Dec-2029-Jan-21
Trimester 106-Jan-2031-Jan-2024-Apr-20
Trimester 211-May-2005-Jun-2007-Aug-20
Trimester 317-Aug-2011-Sep-2004-Dec-20
Vietnam Period 124-Feb-206-Mar-2010-Apr-20
Vietnam Period 24-May-2015-May-2019-Jun-20
Vietnam Period 327-Jul-2007-Aug-2011-Sep-20
Vietnam Period 405-Oct-2016-Oct-2020-Nov-20

UC College

Teaching PeriodStart DateCensus DateEnd Date
UC College Trimester 124-Feb-2020-Mar-2015-May-20
UC College Trimester 222-Jun-2017-Jul-2011-Sep-20
UC College Trimester 319-Oct-2013-Nov-2008-Jan-21