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Study Abroad Enrolment and Study at UC

Study Loads, Enrolment Process and Grades

Study Abroad and Exchange students are required to study a full time load of 12 credit points each semester (usually 4 classes). Most units (classes) at UC are valued at 3 credit points, which equate to between 12 and 16 hours of study per week, including class attendance, private study, library research, etc. The actual workload can vary from unit to unit and even from week to week across the university.  A typical full time study load at UC is 4 units worth a total of 12 credit points. Nine (9) credit points is the absolute minimum for a full time study load (and the minimum allowable as per Australian student visa requirements). Students requesting to take less than 12 credit points will need to seek special permission and students requesting more (not recommended) will be required to pay for each additional unit. 

Students are eligible to enroll in any subject offered at UC as long as they meet the subject prerequisites. Before applying to UC, students should find six possible units they could take at UC. The extra units can be used as back ups if needed (as may be the case for timetable/schedule clashes for example). Please make sure to select your units using the Choosing Classes at UC Guide. It is important that students closely check the availability and prerequisites for their chosen UC units. If there is any question about unit availability after following these directions, please contact to enquire.

Study Abroad and Exchange students will be sent self-enrolment instructions by e-mail after they have accepted their UC Offer Letter and received their Confirmation of Enrollment (COE).

To gain credit transfer towards your degree at your home university you need to have your subject selection at UC approved by your home university. If is your responsibility to have your study plans approved by your home university before you commence your study at UC. We recommend that you get approval for all 6 units as selected on your application to UC just in case you need to swap units after arrival at UC in the case of a timetable clash or other unexpected occurrence.

Grades awarded at the University of Canberra are as follows:

GradeGrade NamePercentage
HDHigh Distinction85 - 100%
DIDistinction75 - 84%
CRCredit65 - 74%
PPass50 - 64%
FFail0 - 49%