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Booking Your Flights

If you already have your Australian Student Visa, secured your accomodation, checked your units availability and have taken care of any pending documents (for conditional offer letters), you are now clearly ready to purchase your flights! You must arrive before Orientation Week and plan to leave after the last possible day of exams. Check the University Calendar and your housing contract to make the best decision. 

How to find the best flight deal

Usually the sweet spot for buying flights is about 3 months from the flight date.  Start checking for sales regularly between four and three months from your chosen departure date for the best deal. Check several websites and compare prices and schedules for the cheapest and shortest flights. You can start with a general flight search engine like Kayak or Orbitz and then visit the cheapest airline websites just incase the flights are actually cheaper from the original source.

Suggested flight websites:

Please note, this list is not exhaustive. Your country may have better flight search engines available to you. Do an internet search for more options.