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The University of Canberra Undergraduate Guide is the official guide to all our undergraduate courses. It provides a full list of undergraduate courses offered at the University (listed by faculty), as well as helpful information about:

  • how to apply to a course
  • life in Canberra and on campus
  • student accommodation options
  • scholarships
  • studying abroad
  • course pathways
  • credit and recognition of prior learning
  • student support services

Note: this guide is for domestic students. International students should download the International Students Course Guide (PDF, 4812.85 KB)

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Featured course

Bachelor of Film Production

Follow your passion for film. The Bachelor of Film Production develops student’s interest in digital film making with the intention of establishing creative thinkers and practitioners.

Career opportunities include producing, screenwriting, directing, product management, cinematography, sound design and recording, editing and arts administration.



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