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Credit Transfer Details


Australian College of Nursing

External Course

Graduate Certificate

University of Canberra Course

Master of Nursing (261JA.2)


  • Arrangement Start Date: 18/10/2018
  • Arrangement End Date: 18/10/2021

Credit Overview

12 credit points of advanced standing out of 36 credit points.

Credit Detail (unspecified)

DescriptionYearCredit Points
Unspecified CreditG12

Students will receive unspecified credit (Restricted Choice) based on their completed Graduate Certificate.


  1. Master of Nursing - Critical Care
    1. Graduate Certificate of Critical Nursing
    2. Graduate Certificate of Emergency Nursing
    3. Graduate Certificate of Neonatal Nursing
    4. Graduate Certificate of Perioperative Nursing
  2. Master of Nursing - Clinical Leadership
    1. Graduate Certificate of Leadership and Management
  3. Master of Nursing - Complex Care
    1. Graduate Certificate of Community and Primary Health
    2. Graduate Certificate of Child and Family Nursing
    3. Graduate Certificate of Aged Care
    4. Graduate Certificate of Breast Cancer Nursing
    5. Graduate Certificate of Cancer Nursing
    6. Graduate Certificate of Drug and Alcohol Nursing
    7. Graduate Certificate of Stomal Therapy Nursing

Typical Study Pattern

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Apply Online NowEnter the Reference Code 21050 to include an application for this credit transfer

Important Information about Applying for Credit Transfer

  • Please ensure that an official transcript of results (original or certified copy) is attached to your application.
  • You should not register in the units for which you are seeking credit.
  • You can apply for this credit transfer before completing your current course, please note down the reference code and include this on the credit transfer screen within your application.
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