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Fast Forward Program

The UC Fast Forward Program is an exclusive club for 25 stand-out Year 11 students, helping them prepare for University life.

The program allows current Year 11 students from Canberra and surrounding regions (within a three hour drive) to apply and receive a conditional offer for admission to a UC course (excluding ranked courses). Based on continued involvement in the program throughout Year 12, Fast Forward students will receive a guaranteed offer of admissions to UC in September of Year 12.

List of fast forward courses (PDF, 137.76 KB)
List of ranked courses 2021 (PDF, 118.92 KB)

What you get

Participants in the Fast Forward Program get access to these amazing benefits.

In Year 11

  • An early conditional offer into a UC degree (excluding ranked degrees)
  • UC merchandise gift pack
  • Welcome event hosted by University leaders

In Year 12

  • An early guaranteed offer into a UC degree (excluding ranked degrees)
  • Career workshops
  • Activities with industry partners
  • Participation in UC recruitment events such as school visits and on-campus events

At uni

  • $2000 study grant (paid in first year after census date).
  • Free admission to ticketed events during O-week.
  • Internship opportunities with UC industry partners.


Students will be selected based on a combination of academic performance and extra-curricular activities. At a minimum students must:

  • be currently enrolled in Yr 11 in a school in the ACT or surrounding regions including the South Coast, Monaro, Riverina and Central West.
  • have a minimum grade average of 70 percent OR letter grade equivalent when submitting their application
  • be able to provide evidence of extra-curricular involvement at school or in the wider community.
  • Must be intending to go to university (for example, undertaking a tertiary package or International Baccalaureate (IB) in the ACT, or pursuing the HSC in NSW).
  • Two places in the program will also be prioritised for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

How to apply

2021 applications close on 31 August.

To apply in Year 11, complete the online application form. The form will ask you to:

  1. provide evidence of a min 70 per cent grade average for the first half of Year 11
  2. provide evidence of your extra-curricular school or community activity from the past 18 months
  3. explain why being part of the Fast Forward Program would be beneficial to you and to UC.

Selected program participants will be asked to submit evidence of continued academic performance midway through Year 12 in order to receive their guaranteed offer in September of that year.

How we calculate your academic grade average

Your grade average will be calculated based on the overall results of your current subjects. An average will be taken of your numerical grades across all subjects to determine your 70% eligibility. Where letter results only are provided, the ranking metric will be as follows:

5 4 3 2 1

Applicant has:
1 x A = 5
3 x B = 12
2 x C = 6
Total = 23/6 (number of subjects) = 3.8/5 = 76%

Extra-curricular requirements

Students earn points in the extra-curricular activity they have undertaken in the previous 18 months. Points are allocated for each eligible and evidenced activity. Examples include:

  • leadership roles
  • volunteering
  • sports excellence or members of school or local sports team
  • musical excellence or member of school or community band or orchestra
  • academic excellence through participation in competitions
  • demonstration of a high level of personal commitment in other ways.

Points will be allocated as follows.

3 points

High level of personal commitment or demonstrated leadership. For example:

  • international or national level sport team participation or musical performance
  • formal active leadership role with a registered organisation
  • volunteering for 20+ hours per week.
2 points

Moderate level of personal commitment or demonstrated leadership. For example:

  • regional participation in sports team or musical performance
  • School Captain or House Captain.
1 point

Demonstration of personal commitment. For example:

  • participation in local sports team, school academic team, Scouts/Guides, or Cadets
  • member of school community band or orchestra
  • active member of a political party or NGO.

Find out more

If you have any questions please email or call 6201 2338.