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Feb 13 2020

Emancipation of Men: Masculinity at the Crossroads

Join us for the first event in the BroadAgenda Public Talks Series 2020, for what promises to be a rich, robust and rollicking discussion!About this EventRolling Stone recently declared the 2010s as the “decade of bad men” – ten years in which toxic masculinity became part of the zeitgeist - while The Australian claimed that men have been “psychologically castrated by the gender equality movement”.What does masculinity look like in the 2020s?Have we, in our quest for gender equality, done more harm than good? So, what does it mean to be a man in the modern world? Come and challenge our panel.BGL at the University of Canberra is proud to host the BroadAgenda Talk Series panel discussion: Emancipation of Men: Masculinity at the Crossroads. PANEL:Jane CaroJane Caro is an outspoken public intellectual, writer, novelist, lecturer, social commentator, columnist, speaker, and Twitter fiend.Dr Michael FloodDr Michael Flood is an internationally recognised researcher on men, masculinities, gender equality, and violence prevention, the author of Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention (2018) and the lead editor of Engaging Men in Building Gender Equality (2015).Phil BarkerPhil Barker is a journalist, author, columnist and public speaker. His 2019 book ‘The Revolution of Man: Rethinking what it means to be a man’ has been described as a “manifesto for modern manhood”.Elise StephensonElise Stephenson is an award-winning social entrepreneur and PhD candidate spearheading gender equality, LGBTI and human rights initiatives.Virginia HausseggerVirginia Haussegger, Chief Editor, BroadAgenda and Chair of the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation at the University of CanberraThis event is being hosted by the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation, BGL, University of Canberra

17:30 - 19:30
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