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Finalising Academic Credit

You are responsible for ensuring your studies completed overseas are credited to your UC academic record! Your host university will send your academic transcript to UC and it will be forwarded to you to arrange credit transfer. You will need to ensure that the Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA) you had signed prior to your departure is up to date and reflects the classes you completed while overseas. If you made changes while overseas, you will need to ensure that you provide an updated CCTA to the UC Global Learning Office.

Share your Experience: Become a Global Learning Ambassador!

The UC Global Learning Office encourages you to make the most of your time overseas, even after returning to UC.  If you have at least one semester left at UC, we invite you to become a Global Learning Ambassador and share your experience with other students.  Not only is this new program a great way to get involved and share your new passion with others, but it will also enhance your resume through leadership and service and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

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