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Preparing to Go

The exchange application process is extensive and time consuming, and requires an ability to meet deadlines and attend scheduled meetings. The UC Study abroad Office will assist you with obtaining a placement with a host university and provide you with the information and assistance required to organise your exchange overseas.

It will be your responsibility to do your research along the way.

Information Sessions

"Participating in the Student Exchange Program at George Mason University in the United States was an unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone contemplating an exchange semester. Being so close to Washington DC enabled me to experience the legal and political landscape of the capital and to learn about American culture first hand. As a law student here at UC, being able to shadow a District Court prosecutor in Virginia gave me a valuable insight into the American criminal justice system, and allowed me to compare jurisdictions.

On the social side I met some amazing people from Mexico, France, Chile, Malta, England, Russia and of course the United States. I played footy for the George Mason Rugby Club and I was able to catch the New York Knicks play at Madison Square Garden!

Being on exchange also provided me with the opportunity to use George Mason as a springboard to travel all over the United States and Mexico. So I urge you all to get involved and see what the world has to offer!"- Chris Young

Fees and costs

It is important to consider the financial costs of going abroad or on exchange before you decide to participate in the program.

  • UC recommends that you allow at least AUD$10,000 - $12,000 per
    semester for living costs. This may vary depending on your budget for rent, food, travel, clothing, recreation, books, telephone and other living expenses.
  • You will need to pay for your airfare to the country, accommodation and living expenses while on exchange.
  • You need to organise and pay for your student visa, a passport, additional travel insurance for any travel you undertake before or after your semester and other related travel expenses.
  • On exchange you will pay your HECS fees for a full-time load at UC however you do not have to pay tuition fees at your host university.
  • Keep in mind that wherever you study the currency exchange rate will impact your finances in some way.
  • Find out if you can receive Austudy or Youth Allowance payments from Centrelink. If you currently receive payments they should continue while you study overseas.
  • Find out if, in your host country, you can work on a student visa and if so what conditions apply to this employment.

While studying abroad you must take subjects that will be credited to your UC degree. To be granted credit towards subjects that you would have studied at UC, you must find subjects at the host institution that are equivalent and complete the:
Course credit transfer form (PDF, 423.04 KB).What Can I Study

It is essential that you speak to your course convener and find out if they support you studying on exchange. Your course convener must approve you to study on exchange before you apply. You will need to discuss the following things with them:

  • Find out if you can study 'core' and/or 'elective' subjects while on exchange.
  • Which would be the best semester for you to study abroad?
  • Ensure you will you be given course credit transfer for subjects studied overseas.
  • Can they recommend any specific subjects that you should study?


As an undergraduate the best time to go on exchange is in your second year. Most students go on exchange for one semester, however a year placement is possible. There are a limited number of places at our partner universities each year. One of the goals of the exchange program is to send as many students overseas as possible, so a year long placement may not be an option for your country of choice.

Most students will be required to study on exchange in specific semesters depending on the length of their degree. Please check with your course convenor to find out when is the best time for you to study overseas.

Please note: You must have completed two full time semesters of undergraduate study at UC before you go and have at least one semester to complete upon return.

Train at Sunset

There is a lot to do before you leave Australia. You need to consider where you want to go, what subjects you will study, your visa requirements and your travel and health arrangements. This page will help you prepare for your overseas adventure.


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