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On Exchange

While on exchange you:

  • Must remain in contact with UC via the student exchange staff.
  • Must notify your UC exchange advisor of any changes to your study plan.
  • Must notify your UC course convenor of any changes to your study plan. 
  • Must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate load at UC and pay tuition fees for the subjects you are enrolled in (or have HECS set up to cover them).
  • Must check MyUC to ensure that you are enrolled in the correct exchange units.
  • Are obliged to follow general UC student administration procedures.
  • As a representative of UC, are expected to act and behave in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Living Overseas

Living overseas can be exciting but completely disorienting, especially in the first few weeks when you are functioning under the combined effects of elation, frustration, and culture shock. The process of transitioning into your new culture can take some time and will require a lot of effort on your behalf.

Make the Most of Your Experience

If you want to make the most out of your experience then you should not pass up any opportunity offered to you. Open your mind to trying new things and meeting new people. You will learn so much about your host country and even about yourself. Remember your overseas exchange can and will be as exciting and profound as you want it to be.

Become Familiar with Your Host University

Check with your host university on their preferred arrival dates but a week before classes start is a good idea as it will give you a little extra time to adjust to your new surroundings. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the area. You should stop into the international office of your host university to introduce yourself and familiarise yourself with your local surroundings. Take a walk or ride the bus to the local shopping centres, supermarkets and restaurants. Learning the public transport routes around your city or town will help you to adjust and make you feel more independent. Remember to take enough money with you for first few days.

Be a UC Ambassador

Aztec-JumpAs an exchange student it is expected that you observe the rules, regulation, and protocols of your host university. If these are not observed, a host University can withdraw a student from their exchange program and send a student home.

Most of All: HAVE FUN!

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