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Insurance Coverage


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Insurance Coverage

The University's corporate travel insurance policy will cover current enrolled UC students whilst on approved UC travel.  Coverage is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and excesses.  Further details can be found in the Travel Insurance for Students document.

If a student has purchased separate travel insurance, medical insurance (through a host University) and/or are covered through third party arrangements they must contact that insurer or the insurers emergency assistance service for support and claims management and approval.

The University provides mandatory comprehensive pre-departure advice regarding health, welfare and security to all students participating in international mobility programs. Pre-departure sessions also include advice on culture, customs and laws in the host countries, travel insurance, security and emergency requirements and contacts.

International SOS

All students travelling on UC approved travel are required to register with UC's international assistance provider, International SOS (ISOS). ISOS provide 24 hour access for assistance in emergencies. Crises and critical incidents will be managed in accordance with the University's crisis and critical student incident management policies. UC Study Abroad will provide students departing on approved UC overseas study experiences with detailed instructions on how to register with ISOS. In addition, students will also be provided with details about how to register for the travel check in app offered by ISOS so that they can be easily located in an emergency. 

Additional Information
  • Students must register their overseas study experience with the UC Study Abroad Office. Please contact the office for advice about registering your experience.
  • Students must also register with DFAT and regularly check the Smartraveller website for information about changes to travel warnings.  Non-Australian citizens should register with their respective embassy/country DFAT equivalent.
  • International Students should note, that if they do not hold an Australian Permanent Resident Visa, and are travelling to their "home country", they are not be covered for evacuation and medical expenses incurred in their home country.
  • If applicable, students will be required to register to International SOS through the International Portal (My Trips)
  • Students will be advised of their access to the UC insurance policy and coverage upon acceptance of their international mobility program. 
  • Students must understand that insurance may not provide cover for every event and circumstance.

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