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OS-HELP Application — Step 1


Students should only complete this application if they have been instructed to do so by the UC Study Abroad and Exchange Office. You can ONLY complete this form if:

  1. you have been accepted into your overseas program (email or acceptance letter).
    1. have completed your Course Credit Transfer Agreement,
    2. Faculty Led Programs – Have enrolled/been enrolled in your specified unit of study.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Student Details

(If a Faculty Led program, please indicate the Faculty.)

Start Date of Overseas Program *

Section 1

Eligibility Requirements
I am an undergraduate/postgraduate Commonwealth supported student – Australian Citizen or permanent Humanitarian visa holder *
I have not received OS HELP on more than one other occasion *
I have completed at least 1EFTSL that counts towards my current course of study (8 units or 24 credit points) *
I will be studying full time while overseas *
My overseas study will count towards my current course/degree *
On completion of my overseas study will have at least 0.125 EFTSL to complete in my degree (1 unit or 3cps) *
Uploaded files must be smaller than 2MB.
If you are uploading PDFs, they must not be Secured or Certificate Protected.

(PDF or MS Word files only)

AIM Overseas applicants - If you have received your acceptance from AIM Overseas but have not yet received the university acceptance – please come back and apply once you receive the university acceptance.

(PDF or MS Word files only)

(PDF or MS Word files only)

Find this on your MyUC >> My Details >> Course and Unit Details >> click on your course code hyperlink next to the word 'Progression' and print screen or copy and paste into a word document to upload.

Section 2

Only students applying for a 2nd OS HELP loan should complete this section. Students eligible for section 2 should also fill in section 1.

Please Note: Students applying for a 2nd loan that commences immediately after the 1st loan may only apply for the 2nd loan 6 weeks before the commencement of the second 6-month study period. The second loan period starts 6 months + 1 day after the start date of the 1st 6 month period.

I acknowledge that this is my second loan and that conditions of my loan are the same as section 1.
Start date of 1st loan

Section 3

If you wish to apply for the Asian Language Supplement, please email after submitting this application.

By submitting this form you agree/understand that: *
  • The University of Canberra is collecting the information in this form for the purpose of assessing my eligibility for the Higher Education Loan Program under the Higher Education Support Act 2003 and allocation of a Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number to me;
  • The University of Canberra will disclose this information to the Australian Government for those purposes;
  • The Australian Government will store the information securely; and
  • The University of Canberra and the Australian Government will not otherwise disclose the information without my consent unless required or authorised by law.
  • The University of Canberra will largely deal with your OS-HELP application through electronic application and email correspondence unless otherwise stated.

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