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Make the most out of the overseas study opportunities offered to UC Students!

Program fees vary across the options offered to University of Canberra students - this means that it is important to start considering budgets and available funding early on.

Exchange students are able to study at partner universities whilst paying UC tuition fees or utilising HECS to pay fees. The best part about exchange is that we exchange people and not money! It means that you wont be paying international tuition fees and will only have to consider costs like accommodation, food, insurance, flights and extra activities. Some partner unis also require you to pay for health insurance or orientation activities, so be aware that extra costs like these might pop up.

Faculty Led Program tuition fees are also paid as UC tuition fees (you can put this on HECS as well!) but a program fee will need to be paid to cover the cost of the international element. These fees vary and often will attract scholarship funding to help you out with payments.

If you decide to undertake one of our fantastic independent short courses or to study abroad at a University that is not a UC partner, then you will be paying the respective institution's tuition fees. Keep this in mind when you are budgeting!

Budgeting for your experience

It is important to remember that in many of the programs, living and travel costs are often not included in your fees - this means that you will need to budget and pay for them. The cost of living varies from country-to-country, and also depends on the length of time you plan to be away. Make sure you budget to have enough money to cover you for things like your return airfare, travel insurance, visas, accommodation, food, text books, sightseeing, entertainment and any extra travel you plan to do.

Through application and pre-departure, UC Study Abroad will provide all students with access to budget worksheets, which you should take seriously when completing. To make sure your experience is everything you want it to be, think about the exchange rate and cost of living in your host country, and make a plan to save money right up until you depart.

Funding your trip

There are a number of scholarships, grants and loans on offer for Study Abroad, Exchange, and in some cases, Short Term Programs. It is also possible to access more than one funding scheme at any one time, so it is a great idea to begin researching all of the different types of funding available to you as soon as you can. For more information on scholarships and grants or the OS Help loan scheme, click on the buttons below.

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