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How to Apply: Faculty Study Tour

Application Process

1. Check your eligibility

Eligibility conditions vary from program to program and are determined by the faculty for each program. Common eligibility requirements can be:

  • Completed at least 24 credit points of your current degree
  • Have a minimum 4.5 GPA
  • Completed pre-requisite

Please check the program's eligibility requirements by clicking on the program name from the current list of programs before applying for a Faculty Study Tour.

2. Check your enrolment

FST's involve being enrolled in a specific UC unit. You must ensure that you are eligible to enrol in this unit, keeping in mind your course structure, available electives and any pre-requisites.

3. Apply

Apply through our application portal.

PLEASE NOTE: Application deadlines vary by program. Your application will be assessed by the relevant Faculty Member leading your program. 

4. Await the outcome

Following the application closing date, you will be notified of the outcome. If successful, you will be required to officially accept your place in the program. Your offer email will specify deadlines and the next steps in the process to prepare for your program.

5. Prepare

You will be required to attend a mandatory pre-departure session to help prepare you for your program. You will also need to start researching visa requirements and travel plans immediately. Information on recommended flights will be provided to you soon after you have accepted your place into the program.

6. Financial Assistance

OS-Help loans (interest free government loans) are available to assist you with associated costs of your program.