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Typical Study Patterns

Typical Study Patterns and Enrolment

Throughout your degree, you are required to follow a Typical Study Pattern. This outlines the unit names and codes you will enrol in and ensures you will be eligible to graduate.

Students are responsible for retaining a copy of their Typical Study Pattern and any changes made to this are to be with course convener and administration approval. Students are not permitted enrolment into a unit that they have been granted credit for.

3 year typical study patterns (no previous qualification)

If you are a student in a 3 year bachelor degree (without having completed a diploma or other qualification) and have not have been granted additional credit, you should follow the full 3 year typical study pattern as outlined in the Courses Database. Please search for your course and select your location. Search the database by clicking here.

2 year typical study patterns (articulating students)

Students who have completed a relevant articulating diploma will have received on admission up to 24 credit points (or 1 year) of credit towards their degree. This is known as articulated credit. Students with articulated credit should follow the Typical Study Patterns from Diploma to Degree, as shown in the Articulations Database. Please navigate to your Bachelor degree name, then find your Diploma title underneath this header. Search the articulations database by clicking here.

Applications for further Credit

If you wish to apply for further credit / advanced standing from previous studies, you will need to meet with your Course convenor to discuss the options.


More information on the enrolment process can be found here.