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Student Access to After-Hours Access Doors and Divisional Rooms

Teaching staff that require their students to have after hour access to areas controlled by swipe Card Readers will need to request access rights from the Security Office.  

To register, please e-mail the Security Office ( and include in your email the Unit name and number, your name, student details and the Laboratories/Rooms that the students require access to and the length of access required (Semester 1, 2, Year-long or any special requirements).  


  • Assume your request has been processed unless you hear otherwise.
  • Access is generally available to the students the day after the request has been processed.  


External after hour doors and rooms that require registration for the above student access are:  

Building 3 - External Doors for after hour access.

Building 5 - External Doors for afterhours access, Rooms 5C38, 5C56, 5C44b, 5C17 & 5C18  

Building 6 - Computer lab 6C37  

Building 7 - Main Doors for after hour access, 7B12, 7B18, 7B33, 7B34, 7C26, 7C44, Building 7 Studio, Ngunnawal A level Access, Ngunnawal Computer Lab & Photo Lab. 

Building 9 - Rooms 9A2, 9B16, 9B18, 9B21, 9B27,9B27, 9C17 & 9C26  

Building 10 - Students automatically have access - no registration required.  

Building 11 - Eastern Door external door for after hour access, 11A45, 11A46, 11A48, 11A49, A Level Cross Passage, 11B37, 11B39, 11C32, 11C33, 11C40, 11C43, 11C45 & 11C46.  

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