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A centralised reporting, advice and referral system is being developed that will facilitate a single point of contact for reports relating to sexual harassment, assault and misconduct. This service will further streamline and facilitate communication between survivors and the University or support services as well as allowing for an effective and empathetic response to reported incidents.

There are are number of mechanisms in place to provide support to both students and staff who have experienced inappropriate behaviour, both on and off-campus. A list of relevant support services, including contact numbers, can be found on the Help and Support page.

There are also a variety of ways that the University of Canberra community can report incidents for further investigation. For staff who wish to make a formal report about any type of incident, please proceed to the University's Hazard and Incident Reporting page.

Students who wish to make a report regarding general safety concerns, hazards, injury or illness should also use the Hazard and Incident report form. For students, or a person acting on behalf of a student, who wish to make a report regarding specific incidents such as sexual assault, harassment, bullying, violence or other such crimes, please use the UC Safe! - Report Form.