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My eQuals

Digital Documents (My eQuals)

For students who graduated in 2018 onwards, the University of Canberra has made digital documents available to UC students through the My eQuals portal. This is a secure and trusted provider of certified digital documents. It allows you to securely share your documents online with anyone, including employers and other universities.

Please do not purchase a My eQuals transcript if you are currently waiting to be assessed for course completion. You will receive a free digital transcript once you have been successfully assessed for course completion.

To learn more about My eQuals

My eQuals allows you more immediate access to your documents 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Your credentials are secure, ensuring the authenticity of your qualifications for potential employers and other education institutions. You can choose to share your documents via secure link or email with potential employers or other educational institutions, and you maintain control over who receives your documents and for how long they have access.

What documents will be available in My eQuals?

UC will make the following three documents available to Graduates at the time of conferral via the My eQuals platform:

  • Statement of Academic Record (Official Academic Transcript)
  • Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS)
  • Testamurs

Who can access My eQuals?

Current students

  • Your digital testamur and AHEGS are automatically issued to you on graduation/when your award is conferred.
  • Your digital transcript is automatically issued to you on program completion.
  • You can request and pay for a digital transcript if you need one at any other time.

Past students

  • You can request and purchase a digital transcript for $15.00 

To access My eQuals, follow the link in the email notification once issued.

When a digital document has been generated for you, you will be issued an email to your nominated personal email account which provides a link to your digital document within the My eQuals portal. If you have not nominated a personal email account the link will be sent to your student email account. You will initially access the My eQuals portal using your email, or by linking to your University of Canberra student log in details once you have registered with My eQuals.

PLEASE NOTE: After you complete your study with UC, your student email will expire after 12 months. To ensure ongoing access to the My eQuals portal, make sure you link your My eQuals account to your personal email and social media accounts. This will ensure that after your University access expires, you retain access to your digital documents. Failure to link accounts before your University credentials expire may mean you lose your digital documents, which cannot be retrieved. To link other accounts in the My eQuals portal, go to your Profile Settings and follow the directions.

How to access the My eQuals system

You will receive an email notification to your email address listed in MyUC when your verified digital document is available for you. This email will provide you with a link to register your My eQuals account. You will then receive a follow up email to activate your My eQuals account. Once you have activated your account you will gain access to your documents and be able to view or share them as you wish.

How secure are the digital documents?

My eQuals protect your credentials, guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of your digital documents. Digital documents issued via My eQuals are authentic, tamper-proof and legally valid. The digital documents contain digital signatures that meet the legal standards set by the European Union for authentic electronic documents, which meets and exceeds requirements in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. All documents have digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world.

Learn more about security features.

Why provide certified documents online?

A single electronic copy of a document stored on a secure server avoids the need for multiple original or certified copies, saving time, inconvenience, paper and money. Application processes are increasingly moving into the digital realm. Using My eQuals, you will be able to provide a hyperlink (URL) with any electronic application rather than attaching scanned documents or sending originals. The benefits are great when submitting multiple applications or overseas applications. You can print a hardcopy of your electronic documents. Printed versions provide instructions on how to verify the document's authenticity electronically, avoiding the need to send an original or certified paper copy.

Are hard copy documents still available?

Hard copy academic statements aren’t going away. The University of Canberra continues to provide hard copies of the testamur, AHEGS and transcripts to graduating students (free of charge). If you want or need a hard copy transcript at any other time they are still available to purchase on the UC website.