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Supplementary Exams

Supplementary Assessment Application process

The Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures documents provides strict conditions under which a supplementary assessment / exam may be granted:
  • 3.14 Supplementary exams and assessment
    • a. All units (unless exempted) will offer students supplementary assessment according to the criteria and organisational principles outlined in this document.
    • b. To be eligible for supplementary assessment, a student must:
      • be enrolled in their final teaching period of study;
      • have failed a single unit, with a final mark within 5% of the minimum pass mark (e.g. 45‐49%) in the unit; and
      • have passed all other units undertaken in that teaching period.
    • c. The failed unit must be the final unit required to complete the academic requirements of their course.
    • d. Supplementary assessment is not permitted in a unit where there was a proven case of academic misconduct against the student which resulted in a lower mark for the unit.
    • e. Supplementary assessment tasks will be subject to the same academic oversight as standard assessment tasks. Supplementary assessment is not to be of a lesser quality.
  • 4.1 Student Administration
    • The Timetabling and Examinations Office in Student Administration is responsible for administering final, supplementary and deferred exams during the University’s formal examination periods.
What you need to do:
  1. Check that you meet the eligibility criteria listed under 3.14, above
  2. Ensure you are available during the next exam period - see Exams and Results for exam period dates as well as exam timetable release information
  3. If you meet the criteria listed above, go to Student Forms to download a Supplementary Assessment Request Form, filed under 'Other Forms'
  4. Complete the Student Details, Unit Details and Student Declaration sections of the form
  5. Contact your unit convenor for endorsement (supplementary exam or supplementary assessment)
  6. If supplementary exam is required, return the form to the Student Centre in Building 1

If you have any further questions, please contact