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Exam Misconduct

Where misconduct is suspected during an examination, an invigilator will collect a student's ID card and then place a card on their desk advising them that they are to speak to the Examination Office staff at the end of the examination. A student will be advised at that time what the invigilator believes has occurred and the student will be given opportunity to respond. Any response provided by a student will be included in the invigilator's report on the alleged incident.

Following the examination, a report of the alleged misconduct will be forwarded to the Faculty responsible for the unit in which the student is enrolled. A Prescribed Authority within the Faculty, normally the Associate Dean (Education) or delegate, will then determine whether the University will take further action under the Student Conduct Rules in relation to the alleged misconduct. The student will be advised in writing of the Prescribed Authority's decision as to whether further action is to be taken or not. In the meantime, students should continue to attend any scheduled examinations.

Further information about the University's processes for misconduct is available on the Student Conduct page or from the nominated local contact officer at your local campus.

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