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Deferred Exams

Applying for a deferred examination

Information and Conditions

This is an application form for a deferred examination to be used by UC Canberra (Bruce), Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne students only, who were unable to sit an examination in the final examination period as scheduled by the UC Exams Office.

Students from offshore campuses should contact your local student administration for assistance with deferred exams.

Do not use this form if your application is for a mid-semester, class test or other assessment items not facilitated by the UC Student Central. For these requests, please contact your unit convenor / faculty.

Deferred Applications

Before you proceed, please see the Assessment Policy and Procedure documents to determine your availability.

To apply for a deferred exam the online deferred application form must be completed. Please read this page thoroughly as it contains important information that may affect the outcome of your application. Please note:

  • The form must be submitted within three (3) working days of the missed exam.
  • A separate application is required for each unit/exam that needs to be deferred.
  • The required eligibility for deferring an exam criteria must be met in order for the application to be approved. Submitting an application is not a guarantee of approval.
  • Any supporting documentation may be checked for authenticity with the provider. Supporting documentation in a language other than English must also be accompanied by a certified translation, into English, of that document.
  • Approved deferred examinations must be sat during the next examination period.
  • Students may only defer the examination for a unit once and you cannot defer a deferred examination. You must not have attended the final examination in order to be considered for eligibility for a deferred examination.

Please note: Late applications must include documentation (e.g. medical documentation or statutory declaration) as part of the supporting documentation outlining the reason for the delay in submitting the application. If an application is made after such period where the application form has closed, students must apply by emailing

Deferred exam application form online

Acceptable Grounds for Approval

Circumstance Documentary Evidence Required

Illness or serious health problems

Students who hold a medical certificate are advised not to sit, but those who decide to undertake an examination that the medical certificate covers forfeit their right to use the medical certificate to defer that examination. Special consideration will not be given for illness when the examination is marked if the student attempts the exam paper.

A medical certificate, certifying that the student received medical  attention and that the illness would prevent/prevented the student from  undertaking the examination. The certificate must be signed by a registered  medical, dental or health practitioner. The certificate should contain the  following:

  • The registered provider number.
  • The date on which the student was to sit the examination.
  • Advice regarding the severity and duration of the complaint and that the circumstances would affect the students performance in the specified examination.
  • Be dated on, or before, the date of the examination. Medical certificates dated after the date of the examination will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances
A Certificate of Attendance or a Letter of Support issued by a general practitioner or counsellor will not be accepted as sufficient documentary evidence to support an application for a deferred examination.
Bereavement - death of family member or close friend Death certificate or appropriate evidence
Sporting commitments at the state or national representative level Documentary evidence of participation such as written advice from the team manager on an appropriate National Athlete Career and Education (ACE) adviser. Students registered as an Elite Athlete should discuss their availability with the Welfare Office.
Unavoidable work commitment Documentary evidence from employer
Car accident or breakdown on the way to the examination Police report (in the case of an accident) or a mechanics report (in the case of a breakdown)
Legal commitments such as jury duty or being subpoenaed to attend  court Documentary evidence from the Court
Statement A Statutory Declaration outlining your circumstances that do not conform with any of the reasons outlined above

Unacceptable Grounds for Approval

  • Less than four consecutive examinations (for example, two on one day, and one the previous afternoon or following morning).
  • Travel arrangements (including holidays) in Australia or overseas for purposes unrelated to study.
  • Social and leisure events, including sporting (and sports training) other than at state, national or international representative level.
  • Misreading the Examination Timetable (including arriving more than 30 minutes after the commencement of the examination).
  • Where the student could have reasonably expected to avoid the circumstances of missing or performing poorly in the examination.
  • Attending a wedding as either a participant or as a guest

Students must make themselves available for the next Deferred and Supplementary Examination period which will be held during the next official examination period.

If the student is intending to graduate and has deferred their examination, their graduation will be delayed until the following semester.

The Examinations Office only facilitates deferred examinations during official deferred and supplementary examination periods.

Students will be notified of their application outcome via their UC student email.

Deferred Examination Periods

The results release dates and dates for each examination period are available on the Principal Dates Calendar for the Academic Year.

Any student submitting an application to defer an exam for the Semester 1 examination period must make themselves available for the deferred examination period which will be run concurrently with the next Winter Term examination period (you will be expected to sit the deferred exam in addition to any Winter Term exams you may be due to sit).

Any students deferring a Winter Term exam must make themselves available for the deferred examination period which will be run concurrently with the next Semester 2 exam period (you will be expected to sit the deferred exam in addition to any Semester 2 exams you may be due to sit).

Any student deferring an exam for a Semester 2 exam period must make themselves available for the deferred examination period to be run in late January or early February the following year.

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