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Your Study Pattern

Every University of Canberra course has a recommended study pattern that students are encouraged to follow, especially in the early stages of a course. It is important to get good advice about your enrolment options early on in your course.

In the first instance students are encouraged to:

Students needing specific advice that addresses personal circumstances and individual study goals should seek Course Advice.

Unit Selection

It is important that you start with the end in mind when making your unit selections. As you may be required to satisfy pre-requisites as you progress through your course, deviating from your study pattern (either by enrolling different units or reducing your study load) may complicate your unit selections in subsequent teaching periods. All units are not offered in each teaching period and we encourage you seek assistance from your faculty if you need to reduce your study load.

Teaching Periods

All units are not offered in each teaching period and we encourage you seek assistance from your faculty if you need to reduce your study load. Study Patterns are designed specifically to account for the availability of units in each teaching period.

Majors & Minors

Almost all courses at the University of Canberra require a combination of majors and minors to be completed. Each major or minor is referred to as a unit set, which has a corresponding list of units that need to be completed in order to complete the unit set. Some unit sets are imbedded in a course, however many courses give the flexibility of choosing a major or choosing an additional major.  Students may need to choose a major in their first semester, however many courses do not require a selection until a second semester or second year.

Options for majors are listed in the ‘requirements and awards’ tab on the webpage related to your enrolled course. Please see Course Advice for more information about making any enrolment decisions.


It is often necessary to successfully complete one unit before students may be allowed to complete another unit. For example, in the first year of a bachelor’s degree there will be very few units that have pre-requisite requirements, however many first-year units will themselves be pre-requisite units for units that would ordinarily need to be undertaken in a second year.


As the subject matter of some units may be closely aligned, it is often required that these units be completed at the same time. Students enrolled in courses in the health or education field should expect to encounter this at least once during their course.

Incompatible Units

At various times the University of Canberra may change unit offerings. This occasionally means there is a new unit with a new unit code that has very similar learning outcomes to an old unit. In the case of a student having completed already one of the units, it would not be possible for the student to enrol the other unit.

If you are a student that is unable to enrol a required unit because you have already completed an incompatible unit, please contact your faculty for Course Advice.