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Study Load

The University of Canberra recognises that students may need or want to vary study loads at times throughout their enrolled course.

International Students

In almost all cases, international students are required to maintain a study load of 24 credit points for the duration of each academic year. It is common for students in their final semesters to have a reduced study load, however this is based purely on the number of remaining units required to complete an enrolled course. Regardless of the circumstances, all international students need to seek faculty approval in the first instance when reducing their study load. In addition to faculty approval and regardless of any visa expiration dates, it is still necessary to obtain and updated Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

Domestic Students

Domestic students are not required to maintain a full-time study load and special permission is not required to reduce the number of units enrolled for any study period. As not all units are offered in each teaching period and as each enrolled course has a maximum allowable course duration, domestic students are encouraged to carefully consider their unit selections or obtain faculty course advice when deviating from the standard study pattern.